Gyles Farnaby-Wilks, some stuck-up art critic from a posh Oxbridge College somewhere in Oxbridgeshire, has slammed guerrilla artist Banksy’s entire body of work to date as being ‘hopeless puerile graffiti and not real art in the true sense of the word, like say, Tony Hart or that bloke with the Afro off Sky’.

Speaking to reporters he said: ‘This is simply illegal graffiti and has no business being foisted upon an unsuspecting public. That recent disused bridge he used in Hull is now defaced and rendered even more out of service than it had been already. And because of this man’s reputation, then doubtless crowds of ‘art fans’ will come to look at the thing then buy food and drinks from local businesses helping Hull’s economy. It’s wanton vandalism in my view.’

But one Banksy devotee, Doreen Wilson, who travels from Exeter to every location in the world wherever any new Banksy appears completely disagrees. ‘Banksy’s a genius. Everything he does is steeped in deep symbolism and really says something about modern society. I’d love to buy one of his pieces…but where could I put another wall in my lounge? There’s just no room.’

Meanwhile Banksy released a statement on his Instagram account. The ’66 Final, the diving save from Pelé in Mexico in ’70. All treasured memories. And Sir Alf was a fantastic manager. No doubt about it. But I honestly do feel that given time, and if the press gives him a break then Gareth Southgate will make a good fist of the England job.