Following hot on the heels that Theresa May sought to restrict Boris Johnson’s access to sensitive intelligence information when he was Foreign Minister, comes news that Chiefs of Defence Staff will not entrust the UK’s nuclear missile codes to him should he become PM.

One senior departmental insider speaking off the record said: ‘To do so would be madness. The man is, intellectually speaking, a loose cannon and the last thing we’d want to do is a afford him the possibility to be one for real should he get even half a chance. We simply daren’t risk it.’

‘What’s more, and heaven forbid this should happen, but were it somehow to become necessary for him ever to have to utilise the codes, then secret psychological testing we have carried out in recent months suggests that he’d never remember them anyway. By the time he had tried all passwords for his many offshore investments, his Tinder account and his Sky Q reset code, then I’m rather afraid that we’d be toast.’