Donald Trump has once again taken to Twitter late at night, and in what many are calling a series of puzzling tweets, has congratulated the victorious American Women’s Football Team who won the Women’s World Cup today in France.

In one tweet the President wrote: Wow, great job by America’s Soccer Moms who have won the Football World Series Super Bowl playing the 3:3:6 diamond formation. And special mention to their great defensive wall. A beautiful big high wall which, by the way, the Mexicans paid for folks. FACT!

In another he said: Inviting the US Soccer Moms to The White House when they get back from the ball park. Really looking forward to help them celebrate by joining them in the hot tub. Just like I saw in a video that Steve Bannon gave me. It was called Super Sexy Soccer Moms. Great story. Amazing!

But FIFA officials have been quick to distance themselves from Mr Trump’s tweets. One commenting: ‘It’s almost as if The President is a completely clueless moron… but of course that can’t possibly be the case as he’s the most powerful man in the Western World, and … what’s that? He is a moron?… Wow!’