American actor Henry Winkler, aka Arthur (The Fonz) Fonzarelli from 70s hit sitcom Happy Days, has been one of the first high-profile figures to send his warmest congratulations to PM in-waiting Boris Johnson, after Johnson’s victorious result in the Tory Party leadership contest.

Speaking from Hollywood Mr Winkler said: ‘This is a truly great day for me because it means that I will no longer be synonymous with the popular idiom “jumping the shark” as an expression of something that has gone so far beyond the bounds of all belief, that it is simply preposterous to even contemplate it ever happening.’

‘I did think that I had perhaps shaken the jinx when we elected Donald Trump, and although that did take a bit of heat off me, sadly it was only a temporary thing and I’m now “it” again.’

‘But let me tell you guys, what The UK has managed to achieve today is so far off the credibility charts that I can finally get on with my career at last. The curse is lifted. I’m FREE!’

‘By the way, I’m playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan at Guildford this Christmas so be sure to get your tickets. Maybe we can get Boris to appear as special guest and fly him onstage on a zip wire.’