Stand-up comedian and a man who is no stranger to controversy, Jimmy Carr, is once more in hot water as he has been cautioned by police over being in charge of the nation’s most irritating false laugh.

It’s understood the tax-lax funnyman, who was on the set of 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown when officers swooped, has been given a month to find a new response to what he finds funny – one that is guaranteed not to incite the desire to commit brutal murder in even the most level-headed of people.

A show insider said: ‘I’m not surprised this has happened. The crew often remark on it and we have gone through ten different sound men since we started these shows. All were hospitalised suffering from severe symptoms of repressed rage and total nervous exhaustion. His laugh sounds like a penguin with a piece of Lego stuck in its throat.’

Glamourous maths genius and the show’s resident brain box, Rachel Riley, told the press: ‘Jimmy’s agent has got him a cameo in Eastenders for three episodes and we all hope and pray exposure to such high levels of misery does the trick and he returns to us with a normal and more considered chuckle.’