The latest leader of the comedy political party that calls itself UKIP, who have had sixty-five different leaders in the last three months, is a Dick Braine. No, that’s not a cheap insult, it’s actually his real name.

Political commentators everywhere are sniggering uncontrollably and many satirists are said to be thinking of quitting as a result.

One such individual who calls himself “Torch” and writes for a popular online satirical website  said: ‘Well it’s game over now, isn’t it? What are we supposed to do to satirise this guy? What next? I wouldn’t be surprised now if he appoints a deputy leader called Belle Ende or Huge Jannockers.’

Meanwhile a spokesman for UKIP commented: ‘This is a little awkward, however we don’t envisage it being an issue by the middle of next week, as by then we will undoubtedly have had a least another two leadership elections and two new leaders, and so long as Chit Forebrains doesn’t win the second then this will all have blown over.’