Five-year old schoolboy, Max Collins, has had quite a week as he has been plucked from total obscurity and is now the toast of the art world and tipped for super-stardom.

His Mum, Monica, told reporters: ‘We’re gobsmacked and still think there must be some mistake, however it seems his teacher, Miss Burroughs, sent some of Max’s class artwork to some big gallery in Bond Street, and would you believe it, they love it and have given him his very own exhibition.’

Gallery owner, Laurence Pershore, commented: ‘Where do we begin when considering Max’s work? His piece, Squiggles and Faces on a Yellow Sea is simply nothing short of remarkable.’

And that enthusiasm is borne out by the hefty price tag Laurence has placed on the work, because if you want to buy the painting it’s going to set you back a cool £50,000 .

‘As soon as we saw it we knew it was perfect. Just what we wanted to stir up a storm of controversy with The Daily Mail and its readers, who will be sure see the work as nothing but an infantile daub. However we will maintain it’s a profound study and shows the conflict between the normal and sub normal conscience when in conflict with great emotion and ambivalence. What an absolute hoot! Eh?’

Meanwhile Max’s Dad, Gyles, speaking to Mariella Frostrup said: ‘If Max sells the painting he wants to buy himself the complete set of Minions figures with the £50,000, and if it doesn’t sell…he’ll stamp his feet, scream, hide under the table and refuse to come out, I shouldn’t wonder.’