ITV has revealed it’s pinning its hopes on a new quiz entertainment programme to oust BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing as king of the weekend prime time shows this Autumn.

A Bucket of Shite, basically a revamped version of 321 for the new millennium, will see host Stephen Mulhern front a zany show with more than a few echoes of the 1970s smash hit. Head of Light Entertainment Martin Banks explains.

‘X Factor is past its prime and even we’re doubtful of trying to chance our arm with another series Take Me Out out with Paddy McGuinness, so A Bucket of Shite is the new biggie for us. Like its predecessor it’s a game show and an entertainment show all rolled into one, with many of today’s live music guests interspersing the game segments.’

‘Basically the goal is to win an all-expenses-paid luxury holiday or a car but avoid taking home Cacky, the lovable bucket of shite who is programme’s eponymous mascot. Focus groups agree a punchy, zeitgeisty and harder-hitting hero chimes with today’s more demanding audiences.’

But TV Critic Keven O’Sullivan has seen the pilot and isn’t convinced telling Eamonn Holmes: ‘It’s different, I’ll give it that, and in Stephen Mulhern you get all the smugness smarm and irritation of Ant & Dec scarily rolled into one uncannily terrifying lookalike melding of both. But for me Cacky lacks the likability of his predecessor Dusty Bin, and although just like 321 there are impenetrable riddles to solve, I’m really not sure this is the winner ITV thinks it will be.’

‘One riddle where the prize would have been a top-of-the-range 72″ plasma TV went – I am a camera – the sun never knows the eagle – bread is my 5-string banjo – but not on a motorway – pick me and you’ll never make a muckle. I mean, come on Eamonn, even Alan Turing couldn’t have worked that bastard out.’