Have you ever found yourself having to write an obituary, or deliver the heartfelt eulogy after the death of someone famous at short notice but you are a bit stumped about how to do it? Well relax as we bring you this handy all-purpose template suitable for every occasion.


Sad news today that a great icon (insert name) passed away peacefully in their sleep surrounded by close friends and members of their family.

The icon, a self-made (politician, sports person, musician, actor etc) who was born into (poverty / great wealth / mining community / immigrant family etc) will be remembered fondly for their many achievements and the joy they brought to the nation (during the War / a time of great crisis / political upheaval / great sporting occasion / with their music / many films etc)

They were passionate about their profession and were noted for working hard and playing hard and certainly did not suffer fools gladly, but were fiercely loyal and 100% supportive of their fellow professionals in their chosen field.

There was of course that time when it was alleged they were suspected of having (gloss over press and media reports of a sex scandal / messy divorce / drug abuse / criminal charges) but after full investigation this subsequently (wasn’t proven / charges were dropped / retraction published / etc) leaving them without a stain on their character.

A (family member / spokesman / their agent / a famous colleague) commented that: ‘(insert name again) brought dedication, professionalism and amazing vitality and skill to their profession. They really were, and this is an often overused term (genius / one-off / legend) who will be very sadly missed but will definitely never be forgotten.

They are survived by their (wife / husband / partner / a specific number of children)