Brian Smethurst, a retired Taxidermist from Scampton in Lincolnshire, who has been watching University Challenge since the 1960s, has admitted that he has yet to get one single correct answer to a question in all those years, but yet it doesn’t stop him being an avid fan of the show and tuning in to enjoy every single episode.

He said: ‘I once thought I had actually got a question right when I said Caravaggio was an Italian motor scooter but turned out it was a vacuum cleaner. I’m still hopeful, but every time I guess 1 for what is a complicated maths question it turns out to 543.4354345678 or something complicated.’

Brian’s wife Delia commented: ‘Brian loves the show and even has a tattoo of the original question master Bamber Gascoigne, on his left buttock. He says he will get one of Jeremy (Paxman) on his other buttock should he ever get his elusive correct answer.’

Meanwhile Brian’s quest goes on, although Delia isn’t hold out much hope of success for her hapless husband. ‘I can’t see him ever doing it because so far he’s spent over twenty thousand pounds entering those quiz competitions on ITV and he’s yet to get even one of those questions right.’