Police were called today to a Waitrose store in the leafy London suburb of Barnes following a serious breach of the peace.

Sergeant Alan McGee who attended the scene commented. ‘In all my years on the force I’ve never seen anything like it. Apparently this guy started to kick off after he had put the green token he received at the till into one of the three charity boxes.’

The man, who was later identified as Damian Styles (32) an unemployed Rattlesnake Fettler from Kew, was heard ranting, ‘I’ve been playing these machines for over five years and I’ve never won fucking thing yet. They’re obviously bloody rigged and I’ve had enough of it!’

‘In the end to regain control of the situation I had to taser him,’ added Sergeant McGee.

Store Manager Neil Morris said: ‘It was very upsetting for everyone. The man was knocking seven bells out of the perspex boxes with a hammer so we had to act quickly and call the police.’

‘But quite honestly I blame this kind of behaviour on the introduction of our Essentials range. That’s when the rot set in. We’re now clearly attracting the wrong sort of customer.”