Denise Parker is a young Mum of twenty-six with two small children under the age of five who lives in a council flat in Peckham. Her husband left her two years ago, running off with his eighteen year-old girlfriend, and by her own admission Denise now struggles to keep her head above water and make ends meet.

‘Things are tough,’ she says. ‘I can’t work on account of my chronic emphysema what was caused by living in this damp flat. I just about manage to get by on a few benefits what I’m entitled to, but if I didn’t have the food bank and charity donations to help me out, then I’d probably go under to tell the truth.’

However tough as life is for her and the kids there is one shining light that keeps plucky Denise going through the tough times and gives her cause for hope..

‘Well it’s Boris Johnson. Cos now Boris is in power I can certainly see my fortunes changing. I know that he will bring forward legislation that will see my benefits increase which is brilliant.’

‘Plus he’s gonna get us out of Europe so no more foreigners coming here and bleeding our fantastic country dry scrounging off of benefits. He’ll make Britain great again. Just you wait and see. He speaks Latin.’

And the pretty young mum’s life is also perking up in a big and exciting way as she now looks set to become a national icon.

‘I couldn’t believe it when some geezer in a flashy suit knocked on my door last week and told me that I’m gonna be on the front cover of the Tory Party Election Manifesto.’

‘It’s just like what the geezer said… Denise, he said, we want someone just like you, because even though you haven’t got a pot to piss in, you love the Royal Family and are a typical decent and upstanding staunch Tory supporter.

‘Mind, I ain’t getting no money for it but I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing my bit for Britain and making sure Boris gets re-elected as PM.’