In a move that has seen raised eyebrows everywhere inside The Westminster Bubble and far beyond, Boris Johnson has told reporters that even if The Supreme Court upholds the Scottish Court of Session’s verdict that found the prorogueation of parliament earlier this week illegal, he will simply refuse to recognise that ruling also.

‘Don’t care, don’t care don’t care!’ he chanted, ‘and let me tell you why. I have been advised by Jacob Rees-Mogg that as long as I keep my fingers crossed behind my back and claim “Feign Knights” then I’m immune and do not have to comply with anything at all. So the judges can jolly well take a good old running jump to themselves.’

“You see, old Moggy reminded me that’s what we used to do at Eton when some of the big boys were going to give us a damn good thrashing for raiding their tuck.”

“And if it was good enough for the old alma mater, then it’s certainly good enough for the whole of our splendid nation.’

However legal expert, Sir Hunter Lawrence, is not convinced that “Feign Knights” is a legitimate defence in law and should Mr Johnson persist on his intended course then he could find himself hauled before the courts.

When Sir Hunter challenged the Prime Minister, Mr Johnson defiantly stuck his fingers in his ears and sang ‘Na na na-na na! You can’t get me!’