In a surprise move only weeks after its reboot with Rylan Clark-Neal at the helm, it has been announced Supermarket Sweep is already getting a radical overhaul to make it appeal to a more sophisticated audience.

Therefore enter upmarket purveyor of groceries to the gentry, Waitrose, as new sponsor for the next series of the show.

Early reports suggest that out will go the ‘family value burgers’ and ‘budget sausages’ and instead merchandisers are to stock the studio supermarket’s shelves with free range chicken breasts, prosciutto and luxurious truffles.

However in a controversial move that has seen social media go into meltdown, Waitrose is demanding the difficulty level of the quiz questions be increased and that contestants must be selected from no socio-economic group below that of middle class.

What’s more in a shock development Rylan has been unceremoniously axed and will be replaced by Victoria Coren Mitchell as the show’s new presenter.

A spokesman for Waitrose told reporters: ‘We have nothing against Rylan per se, but we just feel that him being able to speak about things as diverse as Nduja Sausage, artisan organic bakers and the theory of relativity with any authority is just too big of an ask for our target audience to accept.’