Richard Branson who recently instructed all of his business managers to no longer request the exam results of prospective new employees, is being accused of stealing the recruitment policy directly from that of the Brexit Party.

Party Leader Nigel Farage claimed: ‘This is shameful behaviour from a world business leader who is constantly held up as a paragon of entrepreneurial brilliance. Mr Branson has stolen our “we’ll have anybody” recruitment policy lock stock and barrel. And if you want proof then you need look no further than the ragbag bunch of chancers that we managed to have elected as MEPs in the recent European Parliament Elections.’

One such member of the new Strasbourg intake former shadow government minister Ann Widdecombe said: ‘Now even though I’m the exception that proves the rule and had quite a well-starred academic career, I still think that what we really need in the party are unthinking one-issue drones who essentially won’t be bothered by any kind of cogent thinking or let competence to get in the way.’

Meanwhile Mr Branson is understood to be monitoring the situation and may further instruct managers to extend the new policy to positively recruit candidates lacking any self-awareness whatsoever, in much the same way as he based his own rise to riches.’