Boris Johnson has been sent an eye-watering bill from Chancellor Sajid Javid with a demand that it be settled before midnight, no ifs no buts, or else Mr Johnson must face the consequences personally.

Over recent weeks the Prime Minister has been responsible for having spent £100,000,000 of public money on a misleading television, radio and print media advertising campaign telling the public to get “Get ready for Brexit on October 31st”, but as it was never actually going to happen he is now being told to stump up the money from his own finances or face legal action.

A clearly irritated and rattled Mr Johnson told reporters: ‘I-I-I-I-I… erm. Now look here. How was I supposed to know the ad agency would go ahead and produce those blimmin adverts, and then that colleagues would arrange to have them broadcast?’

‘I mean everyone knows I talk utter bollocks when it comes to Brexit. Well when I talk about anything really. I always have done, even during the referendum when I told all those fibs. Remember? The two letters, the big red bus, the imminent invasion of 9 million Turks and so forth? Just ask any political analyst worth their salt. They’ll confirm I just tell any old  pack of lies that I think might further my own pipe dream of being the reincarnation of Winston Churchill.’

Nevertheless most experts are now saying Mr Johnson has no option but to cough up the money which may mean he has to cash in one of his minor investments to cover the cost.