A pop record by sixties songbird, Petula Clark, has been slammed today by one homeless charity for what is being called a cold, unfeeling and heartless attitude to the problem of Britain’s rough sleepers.

The Downtown star’s top-ten smash hit, Don’t Sleep in the Subway, has been lambasted as out of touch by Shelter whose spokesman said: ‘If the homeless can’t sleep in the subway then where the hell can they sleep? They can no longer use shop doorways without being moved on by police or bothered by thugs.’

However social media loudmouth and self-styled defender of Britain and its values, the thoroughly unpleasant haradin, Katie Hopkins, has hit back. As is her custom every day now on social media and when appearing on scary oddball Australia TV channels she ranted:

‘For God’s sake it’s only an old song and isn’t intended as a serious comment on the infuriating problem of homeless scroungers and foreign chancers cluttering up our town centres with their cardboard beds and tatty duvets.’ Before then adding without even the slightest hint of irony: ‘That’s what’s wrong with today’s snowflake society, they just can’t wait to be offended by anything and everything, no matter what.’

Meanwhile star of hit show The Apprentice, Lord Alan Sugar, the man held responsible by many for having first given Hopkins the oxygen of publicity that has since allowed Hopkins to spew her hate-filled bile across the airwaves of the world commented: ‘Look in business you sometimes get it wrong. I messed up on that occasion and I can only offer Britain, and indeed the rest of the world, my most sincere and heartfelt apologies.’