A group of avid Daily Mail readers were moved on earlier this evening by police, after they had congregated outside the house of Guy Fox, a hospital registrar from Tonbridge, threatening to burn him out.

Armed with blazing torches, pitchforks and what appeared to be a makeshift medieval rack, the group’s leader ‘Big’ Nev Barnes explained why they had gone there and what their aims were.

‘See, I was reading in the Mail about this c**t, Guy Fox, and how he tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. And despite them knowing that he lives right here in town the bloody Old Bill’s done naffink to nick him. He’s still there pretending to be a doctor just as nice as you like.’

Alan Davis, another of the group added: ‘We strongly suspected this man to be in the pay of Brussels and that he was sent here to blow up our sovereign parliament, to ensure we can’t get Brexit done. And although he might be safe for now, thanks to the snowflake police, he’d better keep looking over his shoulder or he’s gonna get a bit of rough justice meted out to him.’

Meanwhile Mr Fox is relaxed about the situation. Speaking on the telephone he told us: ‘They’re always doing this kind of thing. If you ignore them until the police arrive they just go away. Only last week one of my colleagues at the hospital had them outside his house too when they learnt he heads up Paediatrics.’