The country is reeling in a complete state of total shock today, following the sensational revelation by one tabloid newspaper that every household in Britain will have to stump up an extra £125,000 a-year at least, to help fund the loony Left’s crazy spending plans should they win the general election.

The Mail on Sunday ‘leaked’ the sensitive information saying it’s sure to have Jeremy Corbyn, his shadow cabinet colleagues and Marxist mates red-faced with embarrassment at having been found out.

Staunch Brexiteer and Boris Johnson supporter, Aubrey Smith, a retired bank manager from Chingford said: ‘If Corbyn’s Labour gets into power we’re finished and this story proves it’ I mean it does, doesn’t it?’

However when pointed out to Mr Smith the figure would appear to be completely arbitrary and was likely to have been calculated by a three-year-old child using a toy abacus with missing beads, and what’s more it is widely regarded by financial analysts as ‘fanciful’ at best, he was not convinced.

‘Look, I simply don’t have a spare £125,000 a year to help fund Gay Muslims for CND nut jobs. This figure is quite clearly totally accurate as it’s on the front of my newspaper.’