With the General Election only six weeks away UKIP has moved swiftly to replace its resigning leader, Richard Braine, whose tenure in the job was three months making him one of the longest to hold the position.

A spokesman for the Nigel Farage tribute party said: ‘We needed to act quickly if we were to capitalise on the very healthy poll rating of 1% that Richard had built up.’

‘So cutting through the red tape we moved swiftly and our latest leader, whom we hope will still be leading us to the polls on December 12th, is a woman who was cleaning the office toilet when we were having our meeting.’

Facing the media spotlight for the first time and still wearing her blue tabard the woman said: ‘This is a great honour for me and I’d like to thank the committee for giving me the chance, because, you know, I thought that what with me being out on licence and whatnot, it might have put them off.’

It’s understood Wilma Boots-Fitt takes up the role immediately.