Barry Shite, a Brexit-supporting racist from Billericay, has sent one broadcaster into a meltdown this morning after contacting a phone-in programme on LBC.

Presenter Nick Ferrari was asking a question on his daily show: ‘Is Boris Johnson a disingenuous self-serving narcissist with only one agenda – to wit simply furthering his own blind political ambition and sod everyone else’ when Barry was put on-air.

Mr Shite then gave an impassioned speech: ‘Look, I believed in Boris when he said that we were leaving the EU on October 31st. I believed his pet gonk, Mark Francois, every time he turned purple and bright-red when he said the same thing. I even believed that fucking weird looking one with the Harry Potter glasses when he said something that sounded really posh that I couldn’t make head or tail of.’

‘But now the bunch of lying bastards have let me down. We’re still under the European jackboot and the country is overrun with foreign dole scroungers. Not to mention almost nine million Turkish illegals all selling kebabs from unregulated market stalls. I’ve had to tell my kiddies that when we go to Disneyland next month I’m going to have to use one of them horrible red passports instead of the new blue one that I wanted.’

Mr Ferrari then cut to an ad break, and when he came back announced that the station’s switchboard had virtually blown up having been swamped with thousands of calls, every one of which was in support of Mr Shite’s stance.