A one pound coin you dropped down the side of your car seat is openly mocking you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It made its move at the drive-thru window at McDonald’s last Thursday as you were counting out the cash for your order.

You’d already handed the spotty youth three pounds-ninety and were just passing the last pound across to him when it fell from your hand and disappeared down that really narrow crack between the edge of your seat and the dividing bulkhead separating yours and the passenger seat.

Despite you pissing off everybody and holding up the queue for a full three minutes as you desperately tried to retrieve it, in the end you were forced to admit defeat and reluctantly paid by card instead. Nevertheless you have vowed to extract revenge when you get your hands on it again but so far all attempts have failed miserably and all you have to show for your efforts are scuffed knuckles.

Service Technician Dave Clifford explains. ‘Modern cars are designed so that if you do drop anything between the seats, it simply cannot be retrieved without having special tools to dismantle the whole front half of your cockpit. More often than not that’s going to be a total rebuild, sometimes costing thousands.’

Nevertheless you say you will try for as long as it takes to get the pound, but Dave only smiles: ‘You may try, but rest assured you’ll fail miserably. It’s impossible,’ he says.