ITV has announced a last-minute twist to tonight’s head-to-head leaders’ debate.

Details are sketchy but it’s understood both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have agreed to allow one another a free shot with a sopping wet sponge in an attempt to put their rival off during summing up arguments.

ITV Producer Bryn Williams said: ‘It’s going to just be a little bit of fun at the end of what’s sure to be a gruelling heavyweight and intense battle over Brexit, NHS and the economy, so we just thought why not.’

‘By the time we’ve got to the final  fifteen minutes viewers will have mentally switched off so this twist gives them an incentive to keep tuned in right until the end.’

But already party strategists are divided over what is the best tactic to employ when each man is taking their shot.

It’s understood that Tory aides have advised Mr Johnson to go for the head and soak Mr Corbyn’s scraggy beard, accentuating his odd ‘Catweazle-like’ appearance.

Whereas Labour insiders are believed to favour Mr Corbyn taking aim at Boris’s bollocks, thus making him look as if he’s pissed himself.

It’s thought this will send a subliminal message highlighting Johnson’s many sexual indiscretions, both past and present, and hopefully make Mr Corbyn a more appealing choice to a significant percentage of female viewers.