The Tory Party has been forced to admit the android version of Boris Johnson that appeared on last night’s BBC Question Time Special suffered a technical malfunction and that A I engineers are now working on it to ensure there is no recurrence of the problem during the next head-to-head debate scheduled for December 6th on BBC.

Tory Chairman James Cleverly, fresh from trying to mislead the public over a party-sanctioned Twitter scam said: ‘We opted for the Boris Android BJ001 instead of Boris himself, as quite frankly the real Boris is such a disastrous loose cannon that no one could be sure he wouldn’t drop some monumental clanger.’

‘But in the event android Boris’s voice chip got jammed and it kept repeating “When I was London Mayor” “oven-ready Brexit deal to slam in the microwave” “Brexit… Brexit… Brexit…” over and over again.’

‘Now although this was embarrassing nevertheless,’ continued Mr Cleverly, ‘we all agreed that, post-debate, android Boris had done a much better job than real Boris would ever have done. However we want to do better next time.’

Meanwhile the debate’s adjudicator Fiona Bruce commented: ‘I thought that there was something strange going on, although when I saw the bumbling Boris android bullshitting its way behind the podium I was naturally convinced that it was Boris himself. It was only later on when he didn’t ask to “take me out for a curry and quick bit of rumpy-pumpy behind the skips in the car park” that I realised what had happened.’