Following Prince Andrew’s catastrophic Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis and the Panorama special, there are reports emerging in an attempt to rebuild its trust with the public, Buckingham Palace has green-lighted a new one-off remake of the iconic 1987 show, It’s a Royal Knockout.

The Christmas-themed extravaganza will be staged in the courtyard of the palace on the 13th of December immediately after the results of the general election is known. In charge of the production will the Prince’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Andrew’s media-mogul brother, His Royal Highness Prince Edward.

Looking pleased as punch The Duchess told reporters: ‘I say, poor old Andy’s had a bit of mauling at the hands of the media and one cannot but help feel just a teeny-tiny bit sorry for him.’

‘So we’re going to cheer him up, and indeed if I might say so, the whole nation too. It’s going to be fab and we’re going to have a really jolly old festive jape and a half. What larks. Hahaha! And indeed how better to bury this bad rap the Duke of York is getting.’

However the news has been met with an air of total indifference by the nation with a spokesman saying: ‘I wouldn’t watch another load of that crap even if it was going to be the last thing to be screened on TV… ever.’