Soft beverage giant Coca Cola has been slammed by climate change activists over a Christmas advert which shows a convoy of over twenty, forty-foot five-tonne articulated lorries making a single delivery of its iconic ‘Coke’ brand to Singh’s Minimart in Watford.

One enraged environmentalist said: ‘This advert is a shocking act of senseless vandalism. We have calculated it cost millions of pounds to stage and has created a carbon footprint the size of five thousand football pitches. It’s polluted the atmosphere by introducing many thousands of cubic metres of noxious gases and billions of other poisonous minute particles probably weighing roughly the same as one thousand whales. Blimmin’ big Attenborough jobs too.’

Meanwhile a bemused Mr Singh commented: ‘It was lovely at first when the crew set up all the Christmas lights, decorations and snowmen outside the shop. It looked really fantastic when the the snow machine was switched on, but when the choir started singing “Holidays are coming, holidays are coming” and those lorries arrived then offloaded four hundred pallets of Coke it was total chaos. We had to close the road, never mind my shop.’

‘The final straw came when I was issued with a summons for causing an illegal obstruction and breach of the peace. The cost of it all is going to put me out of business. Merry Christmas? Merry Christmas my arse.”