Following yesterday’s incident at a dairy in Pudsey when PM wannabe, Boris Johnson hid in a fridge, come reports that many employees had to go hungry at lunchtime as their pack lunches, normally kept in the same fridge, had mysteriously vanished.

On the last day of campaigning Johnson was hiding from a reporter on live TV whom he thought might ask him some tricky questions about his serial lying throughout the entire general election build up.

A livid Simone Williams from accounts said, “I always put my pot of hummus in there but when I went to get it at one o’clock there was no sign of it.”

And Simone’s husband, Simon, who works in the packing department has a similar story.

“I like prawn and avocado sandwiches for lunch every day, and just like Doreen’s hummus, I put them in the fridge to keep nice and fresh. But when I went to get them all that was left was the cling film and some crumbs.”

It’s now understood Johnson, a serial tuck thief with a reputation dating back to his days at Eton College when he’d pinch food from his fellow pupils if it wasn’t nailed down, stole and ate every single one of the staff lunches.’

A spokesman for the dairy confirmed all employees use the fridge where Mr Johnson was cowering from the cameras, adding angrily that his insulin medication phials and a urine sample had also been emptied.