An American movie star doing the rounds of UK TV chat shows has shocked Britain when plugging his latest big-budget movie.

In a radical, and many say controversial development, it appears the film relies solely on a script to tell a story, and unbelievably throughout it the superstar is just seen doing normal stuff like walking around and saying words to other actors who also walk around saying other words back to him.

Tim Plover, who attended last week’s recording of The Graham Norton Show commented, ‘Well as soon he was introduced by Graham we all thought, OK, here we go, crash-bang-wallop, explosions, car chases and CGI hi-tech spacecraft everywhere. Brilliant!’

‘So imagine our surprise when the clips shown were just him speaking to her, you know who I mean? She was in that other big blockbuster thing. Remember it won all those Oscars. It was fantastic, especially when you saw the Earth being blown to smithereens.’

A clearly confused Tim added: ‘To tell you truth I shan’t be going to see this new thing he’s in. What’s the point of a movie that just has people yakking to one another.’

‘I can experience that at home or in the office. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the guy but he just hasn’t thought this through. I mean in one scene we saw he’s just walking down a street talking on the phone. What’s all that about?’