This year’s official Christmas card sent from the Duke of York’s household has been provoking considerable discussion since it started going out to recipients last week.

Many are saying that for Prince Andrew to have done so is unbelievably crass, meanwhile others, invariably brainwashed and deferential forelock-tugging drones, have applauded his steely determination to grasp the nettle and face down his critics.

Controversy centres around the recent appalling publicity he received as a result of his catastrophically disastrous interview with Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis, in which he seemed to find consorting with a convicted pedophile, a man whom we’re being asked to believe it takes four days to say goodbye to, is perfectly justifiable.

One member of staff who wished to remain anonymous said: ‘When I saw the envelope arrive today with the Royal Crest I did question the wisdom. I thought if he’s just put out the usual photograph of him, the two girls and Fergie at some bloody big posh horsey thing it would look clumsy in the extreme.’

‘However in the end I needn’t have worried. The Duke’s unerring ability to read any situation with sensitivity remains intact. A picture of Homer Simpson face-palming with the word D’oh! written above it. How splendid.’

‘And I’m sure that before long the general public will forget he made himself look a complete and utterly over-privileged out-of-touch naive fool, at which time he can get back to living the life of Riley absolutely scot-free.’