Chris Gray from Hull is believed to have become the first man to look up a minor ailment online and not to scare himself shitless by what he read. Because, hard as it might be to believe, he was told his symptoms were ‘nothing to worry about whatsoever’.

Speaking to The One Show he said: ‘I’d had a bit of a pain in my little finger for a few days and I mentioned it to my mates in the pub suggesting we maybe Googled it. They warned me that it was a bad idea, insisting that a diagnosis of a swift and agonising death would be delivered within the first two clicks.’

But plucky Chris was not to be put off and taking his life into his hands, quite literally, he typed ‘pain in my little finger’ into his phone. ‘It just said it was probably a light sprain with no cause for concern and presented no further links to click,’ he told Matt Baker.

A spokesman for Google commented: ‘There must be something wrong with the algorithm and we’re working to fix the problem. We simply can’t have peoples’ fears allayed like this. All medical searches Googled must ultimately leave everyone in a state abject terror. Hey, it’s what we do.’