Cafe worker Sharon Griffiths has hit the headlines today after announcing via her Twitter account she’s changed her name to Greta Thunberg.

Sharon made the decision when it was revealed that the internationally famous Swedish climate change activist didn’t know who she was when asked by TV presenter Sir David Attenborough.

Greta (now formerly Sharon (24) from Bognor Regis) told reporters: ‘I happened to see Greta on TV in some programme about saving the planet when Sir David – by the way, he’s brilliant isn’t he? – just happened to ask her if by any chance she was familiar with me and my work. Greta just looked at him sort of puzzled like and then said she was totally unaware of me.’

Doreen Manning, Greta / Sharon’s, boss at the The Tasty Bite Cafe on the front said: ‘I saw the programme too and when Sir David – he really is the guvnor when it comes to natural history programmes isn’t he? – asked Greta if she knew Sharon I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.’

‘Shaz’s a real lege with our customers. She has their orders taken and the teas and coffees on the table before they can even take a seat. I was sure that after we had Greta in here just before Christmas she’d have remembered. But that’s celebrities for you. They just can see beyond their own fame, can they?’