Documents from the archives of Hanna-Barbera, creators of the popular cartoon show Scooby Doo, have been discovered in a dumpster and claim sensationally that at no time was any school caretaker or museum curator guilty of pretending to be a ghost or involved in criminal activities.

1970s kids may well remember that the first adult outside Mystery Inc. to appear on screen was inevitably the baddie. ‘But not necessarily so’ says one story boarder who worked on the series.

Lead writer, Trey Rhodes, told Good Morning America: ‘It’s true. These were essentially fall guys we could blame to ensure the audience always saw good triumph over evil in a very simplistic way.’ But according to Rhodes this was a device to hide a much darker narrative.

‘What no one knew was Shaggy had a major drug problem and he set up every scam and swindle to pay for a chronic Cocaine habit and Scooby Snacks. Of course studio executives couldn’t allow the truth to emerge and that’s why janitors, bakers and hotel managers and so on ended up carrying the can every week.’

It’s understood in light of the revelations one former art gallery owner, Mr Wilson, who got life for terrifying visitors by wearing an old bed sheet and an African voodoo mask has been released from jail and is to sue Scooby-Doo for a ten figure sum.

When reporters caught up with the hapless hound’s on-screen partner, Shaggy, and asked him to comment the clearly rattled star, whose real name is Norville Rogers said: ‘ZOINKS!’ before running on the spot in mid air then disappearing at considerable speed in a small cloud of dust.