Organisers of The National Television Awards have been left reeling, when after nominating lovable Geordies Ant and Dec as Best TV Presenter, despite them actually being two people and it being the ninety-fifth nomination in a row, the popular duo announced they will not allow their names to go forward.

Fans are devastated at the news with hashtag #AntandDecAlwaysWinBestTVPresenterAwardItsTheLaw trending all day on social media sites, while Samaritans report a massive increase in calls to its national helpline.

To add insult to injury, Ant, or it might have been Dec, we’re not sure said: ‘Thawz nie kudos left in it, bonny lad. Even we’re embarrassed by having won the bloody thing every year. Well noo, leik, we just cannat be awsed nie maw. And if wor fans durn’t leik it they can just haddaway an’ shite, man.’

Catchphrase presenter Stephen Mulhern is understood to have now replaced the boys in the category; not because he’s any good, it’s just that he somehow manages to look the dead spit of Ant and Dec rolled into one person. A move organisers hope just might keep the public happy.