Pop impresario Simon Cowell has announced that once Prince Harry has disentangled himself form the Royal Family, he’s to join forces with his disgraced uncle Andrew and together they will make an assault on the music charts by releasing a cover of the Spin Doctors iconic track, Two Princes.

Speaking to reporters a positively rejuvenated Harry said: ‘All that Royal stuff was bringing me down. But this is going to be so cool. For although one has diamonds in one’s pockets at the moment one is definitely going to need cash from a new revenue stream. And,as now I ain’t got no future or no family tree, I must support my Meghan and my little Ar-chie.’

Prince Andrew who has been keeping a low profile since his disastrous interview with Emily Maitlis gave a little more detail on the project. ‘It’s going to be fabulous, so much better than just some normal old shooting weekend. Simon’s lined up a pizza party and launch event at Tramp next month, and trust me, Harry and I are going to be huge. No sweat.’