Tory Spartan, Mark Francois, who has once again been spouting off more jingoistic drivel now rather ironically finds himself at the centre of a storm.

Commenting on the list of upcoming winter storm names released by The Met Office, Met Éireann and Netherlands Meteorological Institute Mr Francois told reporters: ‘So today we have Storm Brendan coming to batter us, and as the storm season progresses I note that in due course we can expect to see Ciara, Liam, Maura and Róisín arriving. What can we expect when we get to ‘S’. Probably Seamus, Sean or Siobhan?’

‘To my mind these names have too much of a heavy Irish bias and I for one am not happy. Now we’re leaving Europe I believe we should name our own storms with only good solid British names instead. What’s it got to do with the Irish or Dutch anyway?’ 

‘Therefore I am proposing to bring forward an Early Day Motion demanding the list be amended to have the likes of Leonard, Margaret, Rosemary and Sebastian instead. These are good solid British names.’

A spokesman for Met Éireann said: ‘What’s this chap called? Mark… Francois, did you say? Do you think he’s ever heard the word irony?’