An old acetate disc bought at a car boot sale in Wales is a rare Jimi Hendrix bootleg recording claims Derek Williams, an unemployed bricklayer from Shrewsbury.

Mr Williams says he found the record in a box of assorted bits and bobs at the sale in Monmouth last weekend, and if it can be verified as being the genuine article then he just may be sitting on a musical goldmine.

However not everyone who has heard the cover of Blind Badger Morgan’s ‘Sick as a dog blues’ is convinced that it’s the genuine article.

Jeremy de Manville, a celebrated music journalist and Hendrix contemporary commented: ‘If that’s Jimi playing I’ll eat my hat. It’s just all wrong. I’ve listened to it twice now and the guitar stays in tune throughout the complete performance. Everyone knows Hendrix was never in tune for longer than ten seconds when playing live.’

But de Manville’s view is not one that’s shared by lifelong fan of the Seattle-born axe-slinger and one half of Brit-pop vanguard, Oasis’s Noel Gallagher, who is convinced that the disc is the real deal. He told Rolling Stone Magazine, ‘That’s Jimi playing all right, man, and I’ll chin any fucker who says it isn’t!’