BBC star presenter, Gary Lineker, will be absent from our screens for the remainder of the football season amid growing rumours that the former England Captain is battling a potato crisp and savoury snack addiction.

Last night the corporation released a statement saying the star is currently on leave and they are unable to confirm exactly when he will return, however they are hoping he will be back to anchor the Euro Finals in the Summer.

Lineker’s friends and colleagues are said to be relieved that the news is out. Alan Shearer told reporters: ‘It’s been getting really awful. He can hardly face the cameras these days without getting at least three or four jumbo bags of Tyrrells inside him first.’

‘During live matches he sometimes never even bothers watching the game. He just spends the entire time wolfing down bag after bag of whatever he can lay his hands on and gets a production assistant to write him up some match notes for his analysis.’

Pundit Jermaine Jenas added: ‘At first it was only the good gear, you know, like his preferred Walkers or say maybe Kettle Chips at a push, but recently he’s met a lad who works in a cash and carry warehouse who can supply him with hundreds of those cheap 20p a-bag Space Raiders they sell in corner shops.’

‘That’s a huge worry as you just don’t know what they’re being cut with, nevertheless I’ve seen him polish off an entire box of 48 just in the space of one match. It’s harrowing to watch.’

Meanwhile as concerns grow the hashtag #PrayForGaryLineker is trending across social media.