President Trump proudly showed off the first ‘ fighting vehicle’ to be issued to his Space Force earlier today at a briefing held on the The White House lawn.

A jubilant Mr Trump addressed the press: ‘Detractors said we couldn’t do it but as you can see we have already equipped our fine new force with this, the world’s first military space vehicle, which as a mark of respect to a great American hero, Captain James Tiberius Kirk of The Federation, we have named The Trekker.’

‘With this intergalactic craft in its arsenal and now ready to boldly go my Space Force can rule the Universe. We will be invincible so let all Martians and extraterrestrials listen up. America has this covered. Don’t mess with us.’

However after the launch most military commentators were seen stifling smiles and hiding mocking laughter after attendees suggested that what The President had presented was actually a left-over Lunar Rover from NASA’s Apollo Programme.