You and the lads in The Wheatsheaf finally had enough of Barry, and told him to piss off and find some other group to inflict his horrible opinions on.

Shame really as he used to be a great guy. He had plenty of banter and a good attitude too. He knew all about football and cricket and was great company. He was Baz and fitted in.

But when the Tories won the election he seemed to change his views on politics and became much more extreme. He started to shout his mouth off about Brexit in the crowded pub oblivious to anyone he might offend.

You all worried others might think the entire group had the same opinion. Then he suddenly dropped out of curry night Thursday.

When confronted by Steve, he freely admitted he’d been exposed to online hate-filled propaganda and hinted he might just be prepared to ‘stop standing by and take some positive action.’ It was obvious he had been had radicalised. He’d become dangerous. He had to go.

And yet to be totally fair you all gave him one last chance to renounce the new creed he was following, but when he refused point-blank to stop reading The Mail Online then buying the print version too it was the straw.

Baz’s out of the group now and you all feel cleansed and re-energised as a result.