Ten years after his death in a bizarre kayaking accident declassified papers reveal an astonishing double life was being led by the nation’s one-time favourite stage comedian, Mickey (the Funny Fella) Tiddler.

Tiddler, famous for his legendary music hall performances and his many roles in Ealing Studios ‘Let’s have a bit of a Giggle’ series, was in fact a double-agent working on behalf of Russia immediately after the war and during the fifties and sixties.

Although a well-loved public figure, he had a reputation of being a shy awkward retiring man in his private life. Longtime sparring partner and colleague, (shady) Sam Spooner commented: ‘Every day miss ‘im, gawd rest his soul, but Mick was a right miserable streak of piss in real life.’

‘And he was always putting it about with the chorus line. I know for a fact the randy sod tubbed two of ’em. Of course that was all hushed up. To be fair it doesn’t surprise me that he’s turned out to be a traitorous shite house, if I’m being honest.’

The papers show Tiddler was being handled by infamous spymaster Colonel Sergei Yuvocov, who himself defected to the west in 1951. Speaking to reporters Yuvocov said: ‘Mickey was OK kind of guy. I remember he once gets me ticket for Jesus Christ Superstars. Wasn’t easy thing to do and he takes only few roubles for his trouble’

When pressed about the sensitivity of the information Tiddler was leaking Yuvocov commented: ‘If I told you that I would have to kill you.‘