A group of ardent Brexit supporters has sent an open letter to the BBC slamming the corporation for its recent coverage of Chinese New Year celebrations. In the letter it’s argued that in light of the current widespread outbreak of Coronavirus in China, The BBC has been wantonly irresponsible to have had any Chinese people appearing on its programmes.

A spokesperson for the group, a man who coincidentally believes the Moon landings never happened and that Elvis isn’t dead told reporters: ‘They’ve gone too far this time. I for one can’t wait for this bunch of loony lefty luvvies to have their charter ended by Boris.’

‘But now because of all those Chinese people they’ve had on, it’s more than likely microbes and bugs have been transmitted over the airwaves through our TVs and into our front rooms. I expect most of us will die as a result. I read about it on a website so it must be true.’

Wearing a surgical mask and space helmet the spokesman continued: ‘The will of the people was expressed when we voted to keep ourselves to ourselves in splendid isolation; we certainly now don’t want any outsiders destroying this green and pleasant land by sending us any nasty illnesses.’

‘We’ll be just just fine on our own after Friday, particularly once we’ve struck the beautiful big fantastically wonderful and amazing free trade deal with Mr Trump.’

‘What’s that? Trump’s planning to stuff us with heavy tariffs if we go after Google, Starbucks and Amazon for the tax they’re dodging? Huh, where did you see that. On the bloody BBC I’ll bet?’