Diners at a trattoria in London’s Liverpool Street looked on in utter disbelief as a good vet got a piece of lamb back on its feet again.

The drama happened when Hedge Fund Investor, Tim Shannon, ordered Cannon of Lamb cooked medium-rare. He said: ‘I’m not squeamish but when it came it was almost swimming in blood. I mentioned to my colleague “a good vet could get that back on its feet again” and with that all hell broke loose.’

‘There was a bit of a commotion behind me as some chairs were knocked over and suddenly this chap shouts “Stand back, I’m a vet!” He immediately shooed us away from our table and erected a makeshift screen around it using a few tablecloths.’

‘There was a bit of puffing and panting and then suddenly to everyone’s amazement a bleating sound and to tumultuous applause the chap came out from behind the screen carrying a beautiful fluffy lamb.’

Restaurant Proprietor, Gino Ricci, told reporters. ‘It was amaizing and publicity do us no harm for sure. But sadly I have-a to ban the vet, as lamb… well he do-a de poo-poos all over my floor and ruin my expensive Sicilian tiles.’

‘And ‘ow is-a de cute lovely little lamb?… erm… he’s out-a the back in the fridge.’