Brexiteers are livid after being told they must now accept the very last act of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU has been dictated to them by the EU.

Tory Spartan and bumptious windbag Mark Francois said: ‘We have allowed them to ruin our moment of supreme triumph. What should be the greatest celebration we have enjoyed as a nation since VE Day is being ruined because we are being forced to leave, not at midnight as was our rightful expectation, but instead one hour earlier at 11.00pm. Just because Europe refuses to set its clocks to the proper time.’

‘The world accepts that British GMT is the gold standard in timekeeping yet it now transpires we are being expelled, thrown out one hour ahead of schedule by those who wear the foreign jackboot. Our capitulation in accepting this is total disgrace. Everyone knows Britain is much better than Europe and therefore must be allowed victory in this matter.’

‘That is why I am launching a campaign today demanding Boris Johnson temporarily aligns our clocks with those of the EU on January 31st, so at midnight throughout Europe, we will be able to stick two Churchillian fingers up and say:

The game’s afoot: Follow your spirit, and upon this charge Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’