Home electrical repair businesses across the country are welcoming an unexpected spike in trade after industry figures show the number of TV repair call outs has increased by 6675% when compared with the same period last year.

Independent Domestic Electrical Engineer Simon Travers, of Si Canfixit Weston Super Mare, commented: ‘It’s mad. I have lost count of the amount of cracked and damaged screens I’ve been out to during this past four weeks. Me and the wife have booked a month in The Bahamas at a fully inclusive five-star resort as my turnover has gone through the roof. It’s great.’

‘Nearly every customer reports their screen spontaneously shattering, and always sometime around 7 pm on Saturday evening, although strangely it looks to me more like they may have been struck with a blunt instrument of some kind.’

‘Mind you I do meet all sorts in this job. I had to run for my life when one chap threatened to set about me with a baseball bat. All I said was that it was a shame because he mustn’t have been able to watch The Masked Singer.’