During a slow day, but aren’t they all for him, the curiously ochre-coloured leader of United States Donald Trump took the opportunity when addressing a rally to mock South Korea and its people.

In particular its film industry was targeted, with Parasite, the winner of Best Picture at the recent Oscars ceremony coming under fire.

The world dropped its collective jaw when in yet another rambling speech in front of a hand-picked mob of adoring squirrel-pie munching morons, the leader of the free world blathered on incoherently about Hollywood movies of yesteryear and their stars .

One ardent Trump supporter Zeke Williams, dressed in an ill-fitting Rambo outfit with an AK-47 slung over his shoulder and who still points at airplanes enthused, ‘Yessir, well dang my britches but our president sure does know what he’s talking ’bout.”

“I went to see Para-site and let me tell ya’ll, I dern well cudden understand a goddamn word. Folks writ some words on the bottom of the screen but as I ain’t learned my letters yet I don’t know what they said.”

After the rally the president conducted a brief walkabout where he met supporters one of whom was Williams.

‘These are my people. Look at this guy. He votes for me, don’tcha, son? Wow isn’t he great?’ said Mr Trump before going on to watch a private screening of Pinocchio arranged for him by his aides.