There were red faces all round at London’s iconic Abbey Road recording studios today after the former Duke of Sussex  broke an expensive auto-tune machine.

Ordinary bloke Harry, formerly know as Prince, was there to record a charity single along with rockstar Jon Bon Jovi when things started to go wrong.

He was invited to join in on the track’s chorus but as soon as he opened his gob it became apparent that he hasn’t got a note in his head.

As windows, cups and glasses shattered all around St John’s Wood the recording engineer was heard to say, “Don’t panic guys we’ll fix it in the mix. The session then continued with Mr Jovi carrying on manfully but with his fingers jammed firmly in his ears.

It was only when the singing stopped that the studio announced it couldn’t finish the project today as the machine needed to bring Harry’s voice back into key had blown up under the strain and a new one won’t be available until next week..

A veteran Abbey Road source who wished to remain anonymous said, “Fucking hell. I thought it was bad enough when we had The Spice Girls in here but I’ve never heard anything like that in nearly fifty years. And I’ve worked on Bob Dylan sessions too.’