Self-styled savvy bloke and staunch Brexit supporter, Simon Williams, called Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine  show earlier to participate in a phone-in item about the current outbreak of panic buying that’s on the rise, fuelled not by Coronavirus, but by morons like he is that we laughingly call the great British public.

Mr Williams went to great lengths to justify the rationale behind his own particular spending spree yesterday when he confirmed that he had bought three hundred toilet rolls, 100 hundred boxes of paracetamol and a pallet each of baked beans, tinned tuna and garden peas.

“Look I can afford to do this so why not?” he said when challenged, adding “I know there are others who may not have either the resources or money to do the same. But as long as I can then that’s fine by me.”

“And anyway isn’t that just nature’s way of thinning out the weaklings? There’s too many of us on the planet, especially foreigners and Muslamics and that.”

Closing the topic and without so much as even the slightest hint of irony, Mr Vine whose show was covering the subject for the second consecutive day, lamented the fact that panic buying seems to be spiraling out of control with stocks of key products in danger of running out imminently.