In what could be an embarrassing incident for Boris Johnson reports have come to light suggesting Britain’s position on Coronavirus remained unchanged after Monday’s scheduled COBRA because proceedings broke up immediately after the coffee and biscuits without actually discussing strategy for an impending pandemic overrunning the country.

One Junior Minister who didn’t want to be identified spoke to reporters off the record and said, “We arrived and Boris welcomed us all personally shaking everyone warmly by the hand. Coffee and biscuits were served as normal and then we all sat around for ten minutes as if waiting for something to happen.”

“Next thing I saw the PM and Matt Hancock in a bit of a tête-à-tête discussing something in a rather animated manner which quickly became quite heated.”

“The PM then stood up and swept off with a face like thunder saying “fucking Grayling, I might’ve known it.” It was then left to Mr Hancock to explain to the meeting, that because apparently no one had booked the snake charmer, consequently there was going to be no Cobra attending.”

“We’re hoping to reconvene again on Friday if Boris can cancel a wine tasting lunch engagement but that’s only 50/50 at the moment.”

One veteran political commentator was philosophical saying, “Oh dear, although considering it was Boris’s meeting, then by his normal standards of competence then quite a lot was actually achieved.”