Will Davies, an arrogant prat and company director from Caversham, shocked viewers to ITV’s Good Morning Britain today, turning the air blue by unleashing a volley of abuse directed at major cruise companies live on air.

Speaking from The Queen of the Seas, a luxury liner currently under quarantine and anchored two miles off the coast of Italy, he stunned presenters Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins along with that loud-mouthed shouty gammon who occasionally sits between them, when he ranted.

“The problem is that cruising is no longer the exclusive preserve of the professional and the wealthy like me. They’ll let any old fucking scumbags onto liners these days.”

“It’s these lowlife dregs who are responsible for having brought this bloody Corona thing on board our boat. So now because of them having sex with dogs and farm animals and so forth we have to sit here like fucking lemons.”

“We don’t even have access to the good grub anymore neither. They’re just feeding us fucking slops.”

Seemingly encouraged by the gammon who was nodding profusely Williams added.

“I’d just like to say that if you’re on a liner under quarantine and you catch this bloody lurgy from some common piece of shit they’ve let onto your boat, then sue the cruise company. Especially if you end up dying.”