With all bars having been closed in Ireland there has been a new wave of widespread panic buying, this time stripping the shelves and chill cabinets clean of alcohol in every supermarket and off licence across the country.

Analysts have not been slow to point out that with it being St Patrick’s Day tomorrow the Irish Government may have set in train all the ingredients for the perfect storm.

Dubliner and seasoned panic buyer Seamus O’Williams dressed in a Guinness floppy hat carrying a shillelagh and looking resplendent in a bright ginger beard (because that’s what the Irish are like isn’t it) told us.

“Holy Mudder of God! Now I have been out and bought meself a quare lock a drink. I have so much of the feckin stuff I can hardly get through the feckin front door. But at least I’ll have a great St Paddy’s Day.”

When it was suggested he must have bought enough alcohol to last several lifetimes O’Williams laughed “Ah t’will last me longer than that because I don’t drink alcohol at all. Not a drop passes me lips”

“Did you not see the squads of people panic buying on the TV this morning? Sure I’d have been mad to miss out on that.”